Writer, Choreographer, Game Developer

Game Developer Resumé

2016-2018: Consultant prototyping specialist, King in London & Stockholm

In teams of two or three, as the only programmer, working closely with the game designer and artist we explored and developed new ideas for mid-core mobile games.

2018: Prototype for mid-core mobile game (not yet released)
Sole programmer

2017: Prototype for Call Of Duty mobile game (not yet released)
Sole programmer

2016: Prototype for mid-core mobile game (not released)
Sole programmer

2015: Independent game developer

Designing and building my own game as a break from working for others.

2015: Freak Factory (iOS & Android)
Creative director, game designer, sole programmer, music composer, etc. (everything but the art)

2011-2014: CTO at Stick Sports Ltd.

Technical director for all the games we built during that time, and hands on sole programmer or programming lead on the games listed below.

2014: Prototype for mobile golf game (not released)
Game designer & lead programmer

2014: Stick Soccer (iOS & Android)
Lead programmer

2012: Stick Tennis (iOS & Android)
Sole programmer

2011: Stick Cricket Super Sixes (iOS & Android)
Sole programmer

Personal project:

2012: Ash Game Engine (open source ECS engine for Flash games)
Creative director & sole programmer

2009-2011: Technical Architect at BrightTALK Ltd.

Designed and implemented the architecture for the company’s video & audio streaming platform server and client-side applications.

Changing server applications to a RESTful API.
Creating an MVC architecture for existing and new PHP services
Moving critical services to Java
Lead programmer on a number or critical services

2006-2009: Freelance developer of web games

Developed a number of web games for clients including

2009: Urban Oasis (urban driving game)
Sole programmer

2008: Flint Particles (open source flexible particle system for Flash projects)
Creative director & sole programmer

2007: A Whiff Of Christmas (infinite runner)
Game designer, artist & programmer

2006: Stick Football (soccer game)
Sole programmer

2006: Strictly Sudoku (sudoku website)
Creative director, graphic designer & programmer

2005: Lead Engineer at EA Criterion

Lead Engineer on the front-end team, I was hired because of my knowledge of both C++ and Flash - the team were using a new in-house runtime to create the UI with Flash

2005: Burnout Revenge (Playstation2 & XBox)
Lead Engineer

1994-2004: Freelance developer of educational games, web games & museum installations

Developed a number of museum installations, web games and CD-ROMs for clients including

2004: Stick Cricket (web game)

2002: Denise Lewis Heptathon (web game)
Sole programmer

2000: Network Globe (installation at the Science Museum)
Sole programmer

1999: Exploring Sandro Botticelli's Mystic Nativity (CD-ROM with the National Gallery)
Sole programmer

1999: Victorian Children (online educational game)
Sole programmer

1999: Exploring Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait (CD-ROM with the National Gallery)
Sole programmer

1999: Italia Online (educational website)
Sole programmer

1998: Journeys in the Roman Empire (educational CD-ROM game with the British Museum)
Sole programmer

1998: An A-Z of the Middle East (educational CD-ROM)
Sole programmer

1997: Sudan - Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile (educational CD-ROM)
Sole programmer

1996: UNFCC Climate Website Tool (informational website creation tool, with the United Nations)
Sole programmer

1994: The Wall that Thinks (interactive installation)
Sole programmer

1988-1991: BAHons Contemporary Dance & Choreography

London Contemporary Dance School

1984-1987: BAHons Mathematics

Clare College, Cambridge University